New Blog to record preservation efforts of Lynnewood Hall

The homepage of this blog will give updates on the ongoing efforts to preserve the former home of the Widener family in Elkins Park, PA. The above links will give a brief history of the mansion over the decades.


6 thoughts on “New Blog to record preservation efforts of Lynnewood Hall

  1. Dean Curry

    I am very happy to see this blog. As one with close ties to Lynnewood Hall for twenty-plus years during the McIntire era, I look forward to future posts.

  2. Debbie Harris

    What if anything is happening with Cheltenham Township’s efforts to have Lynnewood Hall declared a historial property? Have there been any recent attempts to purchase the estate from the Korean Church (if indeed they still own it)?

  3. carolyn weier

    i can not believe no one will help this poor old beauty if i had it i would not leave 1 stone unturned until she rested peacefully again

  4. Scott F Widener

    As a descendant of the Widener family I would love to find a source to fund its restoration. I plan to visited soon.

      1. Bob Gregory

        Please all you Moneyed People out there, Brad and Angolina make a Movie about Mr. and Mrs. Widener and you two play the Father and Mother. The Story about the Son and Grandson who went down on the ‘Titanic’ and the Fathers Grief that Overwhelmed him and his and Wifes Deaths in what one Grandson called ‘This Big Masoleum’. ‘The Wineners Guilded Castle’ and On and On and On,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cant you see the huge Guilded Parties in the Classic Ballroom ?

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